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Best Urinal Deodorizer in 2021 [*Top Picks*]

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Looking for the best urinal deodorizer on the market? We’ve got you covered. Check out our ratings of absolute bestsellers below and make a final decision.

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Bestseller No. 1
Urinal Screen Deodorizer (10 PACK) - Scent Lasts for Up to 5000 Flushes – Anti-Splash & Odor Neutralizer – Ideal for Bathrooms, Restrooms, Office, Restaurants, Schools – Orange Citrus Fragrance
  • ✅ LOWEST PRICED URINAL SCREENS GUARANTEED: at our price, we offer the cheapest price for your needs. Nobody can beat our lowest price on Amazon, where we bring you the highest quality products at the lowest cost possible. Rest assured that purchasing from Fresh Urinal Screens means getting the highest quality urinal mat out there at an affordable price - whoever uses your company or business washrooms will immediately notice the difference in just one use
  • ✅ THE BEST URINAL SCREEN: This is engineered to releas more than twice the active ingredients as look-alike screens over 30 days to keep the urinal and restroom smelling fresh. The revolutionary design features long protrusions on the top that diffuse the urine stream while releasing a pleasant fragrance, cutting cleaning time in half. The easy reminder system lets you know when it's time to replace it - simply remove the tabs upon installation to set your replacement date
  • ✅ UP TO 5,000 FLUSHES PER URINAL DEODORIZER: each unit will give off a satisfying perfumed fragrance for up to 30 days or 5,000 flushes. Made from EVA (eco-friendly) material, each unit is designed to both reduce pee splash back while also overpowering any unwanted smells. One size fits all stalls, measuring 7” in diameter with 1cm spikes extending out to prevent splashing. Installing the unit properly helps reduce build up of liquid on the floor around the stall, saving you cleaning time
  • ✅ 30 DAY IRON CLAD MONEY BACK GUARANTEED: If you're not satisfied with your purchase for even a minute we will give you a full refund, no questions asked. Our products Contain no paradichlorobenzene, and are acid free while containing a beautiful fragrance with cleaning enzymes. Improved smell & splashback prevention are amongst the many perks of upgrading to using our urinal pads. Never worry about your aim while peeing again with our splash control deodorized urinal mats
  • ✅ FRESH URINAL SCREENS: the urinal screen uses antibacterial agents that consume offensive odors and release a fresh scent, making the men's bathroom have a highly sanitized and deodorized, clean-smelling aroma. make cleaning men's urinals so much easier due to reduced backsplash! cut cleaning time in half! these specialized urinal screens allow for optimal conformity to the urinal which also prevents debris from getting caught in the drainage system
Bestseller No. 2
Urinal Screen & Deodorizer with Date Tabs (10-Pack) by Modern Industrial - Fits Most Top Urinal Brands at Restaurants, Offices, School Restrooms (Blue Ocean Mist)
  • URINAL SCREENS: Our pack of 10 urinal screens with reminder date tabs are specifically designed to reduce splashing and splatter in the bathroom urinal. Each screen is individually wrapped and arrives case-packed in a convenient box for storage
  • MADE IN USA: Our screens are proudly made in Ohio, USA and fit almost every major brand of urinal used in public and private restrooms today
  • LONG LASTING: These urinal deodorizers contain TWICE the fragrance load than other screens available on the market today. Most screens are limited to a 15% fragrance cap (by volume) due to patent restrictions. These patented screens contain a 30% fragrance load and last a full 30 days!
  • OCEAN MIST SCENT: These urinal screens provide a refreshing blue ocean mist scent. A great deodorizer to hide the urine smell or urine cake. Our screens don’t mask odors but consume them, helping to keep your drains smelling fresh and clear of debris
  • REMINDER DATE TABS: Never forget when to change out a used urinal screen by easily pulling off the day and month tabs during installation. We recommend replacing these urinal fresheners once a month
Bestseller No. 3
Genuine Joe GJO58335 Non-para Green Apple Scent Urinal Screen (12 pack) , Blue
  • Contains no para or acids
  • Features blue dye indicator and water-soluble design
  • Strong sudsing action assures sanitation
  • Natural odor-counteractant
SaleBestseller No. 4
Urinal Screen & Deodorizer (10-pack) by Modern Industrial - Fits Most Top Urinal Brands at Restaurants, Offices, Schools, etc. (Blue Mist)
  • 10-PACK: This is a pack of 10 urinal screens where each screen is individually wrapped.
  • CLEAN, FRESH SCENT: Nice blue mist smells fresh and with a hint of ocean scent. A great deodorizer to hide the urine smell.
  • REDUCES SPLATTER: This screen is specifically designed to reduce splashing and splatter in the urinal.
  • FITS EASILY: Fits almost every major brand of urinal much better than other diamond or triangular shaped urinal screens
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Any issues? Just let us know and we'll send you a replacement or refund your money.
Bestseller No. 5
HOSPECO 01901 Health Gards Urinal Screen with Non-Para Block, White/Pink, Cherry (Pack of 12)
  • Clean and deodorizes
  • Non-staining, non-toxic, biodegradable block
  • Exclusive patented No Splash design
  • Not to be used in urinals with standing water
Bestseller No. 6
Urinal Cakes, Ocean Breeze Scent Urinal Deodorizing Block, Fresh Ocean Scent Urinal Pucks (Case of 12)
  • Eliminates Odor - Tapix Urinal Scented Deodorant Blocks are made to keep your restroom smelling fresh and clean. It eliminates any undesirable and unwanted odors coming from your toilet with just every single flush.
  • Great Deodorizer - Our urinal pucks does not only work its magic in the toilet but it could also deodorize your trash bins. You don't need to worry about your trash smelling.
  • Ocean Breeze Scent - Some deodorizing blocks have strong scents that might too much. Urinal Tablets has a pleasant ocean fresh like scent which is perfect for school, office or your home.
  • Convenient 12-Pack - Each purchase of the Tapix Urinal Cakes comes in a case of 12 individually packed blocks. Our urinal scented deodorant blocks are biodegradable so it's 100% environmental friendly.
  • Tapix Brand is known worldwide with superior product quality and service!
Bestseller No. 7
Rhino Products Urinal Screens Deodorizer - 15 Pack - Anti-Splash Urinal Screen and Odor Neutralizer with Fresh Lemon Scent - Ideal for Restrooms at Home, Offices, Schools, and Malls
  • ✅ EFFECTIVELY ELIMINATE URINE SPLASH AND ODOR WITH SCENTED URINAL SCREENS - No one appreciates holding their breath when using a public toilet or wet bathroom floors. Our urinal deodorizers ensure a comfortable experience for all restroom users.
  • ✅ PACK WITH CAN BE USED UP TO 5,000 FLUSHES AND 30 DAYS - The Rhino Products urinal deodorizer is an inexpensive way to keep restrooms in pristine condition. Whether you're looking to upgrade the bathroom in your cafe or office building, here's an effective solution.
  • ✅ AVOID URINE SPLASHES- Avoid urine splashes on the floor and help reduce the spread of disease-causing germs. With urinal screens keeping bacteria at bay, your cleaning time will be made quicker and easier.
  • ✅ URINAL SPLASH GUARD FITS ALL URINALS - Our urinal screens are suitable for all models. They're equally effective on wet and dry urinals and can also help prevent debris from getting stuck in the drainage system.
  • ✅ COMES IN 3 FRESH SCENTS THAT ADD TO AN ENJOYABLE BATHROOM EXPERIENCE - Not only do these act as a urinal deodorizer, they also give off a fresh lemon scent that will have the men's restroom smelling clean and pleasant.
Bestseller No. 8
Big D 685 Non-para Urinal Toss Block, Clean Breeze Fragrance, 1000 Flushes (Pack of 12) - Ideal for restrooms in Offices, Schools, Restaurants, Hotels, Stores - Urinal Deodorizer Cake Mint Puck,Blue
  • Contains no paradichlorobenzene
  • Lasts up to 1000 flushes (30 days of normal operation)
  • Water-soluble and 100% biodegradable
  • Acid-free
  • Clean Breeze Fragrance
Bestseller No. 9
Anti-Splash Deodorizer Urinal Screen Mats (10 Pack) | Premium Long Bristle Splash Reducing Urinal Cake | Lasting Odor Freshener | Ideal for Bathrooms, Restrooms in Restaurants, Bars, Schools & Offices
  • ✔️MAKE ANNOYING URINE SPLASH BACK A THING OF THE PAST! - Keep Your Customers/Guests Happy! Our long bristle technology crushes our competitions short spaced out bristles..
  • ✔️LONG LASTING FRESH & PLEASANT TROPICAL SCENT! - Fights Urine Odor & Lasts Up to 30 Days!
  • ✔️KEEP YOUR BATHROOM CLEANER! - Helps Reduce the Spread of Germs in Your Restroom
  • ✔️UNIVERSAL EXPERT DESIGN! - Unique Urinal Mat Design Fits to Any Urinal Shape and Size
  • ✔️EXPERIENCE MODERN MUST HAVES LIFETIME WARRANTY! An American company providing premium products you need at the prices you want. Love them or we will buy them back from you
Bestseller No. 10
Big D 691 Extra Duty Urinal Screen with Non-Para Block, Clean Breeze Fragrance, 2000 Flushes (Pack of 12) - Ideal for restrooms in offices, schools, restaurants, hotels, stores
  • Contains no paradichlorobenzene
  • Lasts up to 2000 flushes
  • Blocks are water-soluble and 100% biodegradable
  • Acid-free
  • Clean Breeze Fragrance

Complete Guide to Buying the Best Urinal Deodorizer

Given how the market is literally overflowing with products to fit every purpose and budget, it’s only natural that deciding on the features that are indispensable in a quality urinal deodorizer appears somewhat challenging.

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Are you tired of overwhelming technical details? Do you feel like the manufacturers aren’t very specific about their specifications? We are here to help you navigate the confusing abundance and find your way to your own top urinal deodorizer out there.

Read below for a beginner-friendly urinal deodorizer buying guide to make a decision you won’t regret.

How to Pick the Best urinal deodorizer: Our Buying Guide & Tips

It’s a common scenario for confused shoppers to ask, “Who makes the best urinal deodorizer?”. While manufacturers differ and this is indeed an important parameter to take into account, we believe the following question to be more appropriate: What should I look for in a urinal deodorizer?

It’s only by being aware of all the possible features that you can see the whole picture and avoid frustrating cherry-picking. Here is the answer:

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Build Quality and Craftsmanship

Even if you are looking for an affordable urinal deodorizer, you don’t want it to stop working before the task is done.

Be sure to find out what this or that urinal deodorizer is made of and preferably scan negative reviews for potential weaknesses so that you can decide whether you can and should put up with those.

Ease of Use

Choose intuitive products that boast a well-thought-out design and just feel good in your preferred setting. Versatility is also important unless you want a dedicated solution, so think about the item’s potential scope as well.


Think about what you pay for if you choose a certain urinal deodorizer option. Is it the brand or the actual quality? Are all the bells and whistles in this premium model worth the extra money? It’s always up to you. And don’t forget to factor in the warranty — decent coverage could spare you some costs!

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How We Rate Each Urinal Deodorizer

Some buyers might be eager to get their hands as dirty as possible while looking for their next favorite, but others find the amount of research that goes into informed shopping rather daunting.

You can entrust the task to our rating system if you belong to the latter category. We gather vast amounts of data from urinal deodorizer ratings and customer feedback to synthesize them into all-around, up-to-date unbiased testimonials to highlight all the pros and cons of a given product.

At the preliminary stage, our system automatically analyzes customer reviews of best rated urinal deodorizer models. It utilizes efficient artificial intelligence tools to obtain as much first-hand product information as possible and categorize it into benefits and flaws with the help of sentiment analysis instruments.

As a potential buyer, you are probably anxious to know how we test each urinal deodorizer that we review. What we do is proceed to put each product through a series of stringent tests based on its presumed advantages and features generally seen as neutral.

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Maintaining an extensive and robust database enables urinal deodorizer comparison for those who have a difficult time choosing between different urinal deodorizer brands.

Generally, if you know what to look for in a urinal deodorizer and what price you can afford, the next step is to check customer rating for a selection of most-praised items to choose from.

You can read and compare urinal deodorizer reviews on your own or entrust it to our artificial intelligence-driven system. Whichever scenario you choose, make sure you are aware of any potential limitations and make the decision based on your purpose and budget.

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