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🥇 Best Store Bought Mole Sauce for 2022 [Top Picks]

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Here you will find our comprehensive research-based listing of the best store bought mole sauce as well as the detailed descriptions of the most important specifications.

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Rank No. 1
Mi Mole Rojo Oaxaqueno, Red Mole Paste, 12 Oz
  • Made in Oaxaca, Mexico.
  • Family recipe with 28 real ingredients.
  • Pre-made paste, you simply add water and ¡Listo!
  • 100% Natural Vegan plant-based food, Gluten Free.
  • 6 servings per container.
Rank No. 2
Mi Mole Negro Oaxaqueno, Black Mole Paste, 12 Oz
  • You will receive (1) Mi Mole Negro Oaxaqueno, Black Mole Paste, 12 Oz
  • Traditional process of roasting chiles gives it a touch of smokiness that give it depth of flavor while the almonds, nuts and raisins give it just enough sweetness
  • Ideal mole for fish, white meat like chicken and lighter preparations of pork, seafood, strong cheeses & vegetables
  • Non-GMO - No Trans Fat - Cholesterol-Free - Gluten-Free - Vegan
  • Servings per container: 6
Rank No. 4
Dried Ancho Chiles Peppers 5 oz – Natural and Premium. Great For Recipes Like Mexican Mole, Sauces, Stews, Salsa, Meats, Enchiladas. Mild to Medium Heat, Sweet & Smoky Flavor. Air Tight Resealable Bag
  • AUTHENTIC DRIED ANCHO CHILE PEPPERS – A staple in authentic Mexican cooking these Ancho Chiles offer delicious flavor that perfectly enhances all your favorite Mexican recipes.
  • DEEP FLAVOR WITH MILD SPICE - Our dried Ancho Chile peppers boast a mild heat with a pungent, fruity flavor highlighted by chocolate and raisin notes.
  • GROWN AND CUTLIVATED IN MEXICO – These authentic Mexican chiles are as genuine as you can get. We use fair trade sourcing with real farmers to get 100% natural chile peppers that are delivered fresh and provide a mouthwatering taste you’ll love.
  • NO ADDED PRESERVATIVES – We offer the most amazing chiles and spices because our Chile Ancho contains no additives, preservatives, or harsh chemicals. In fact, they’re non-GMO, gluten free, and support farm to table healthy living.
  • SATISFACTION PROMISE - Here at Amazing Chiles & Spices we’re focused on bringing you the very best Ancho Chiles possible, which is why every bag is fresh, flavorful, and backed by our responsive return and replacement policy.
Rank No. 5
Dona Maria Mole (Pack of 3)
  • Includes three (3) boxes Dona Maria Mole Sauce
  • Each box = 3 servings
  • Ready to serve
  • Easy to use Mexican sauce
  • Use for chicken, rice, beef, pork, enchiladas, quesadilas, tacos, beans, eggs, fish and more!
Rank No. 6
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Rank No. 7
Dona Maria Mole Mexican Sauce 8.25oz Imported from Mexico (Mole Original, 2 Pack)
  • Served with corn tacos, refried beans, shredded cheddar cheese, shredded lettuce and ranch dressing
  • The mole made a huge difference in the flavor of the sauce serve warm over chicken or other foods.
  • Refrigerate after opening. Keep in a cool and dry place.
  • Cooking instructions: Add 4 parts broth (or water) to 1 part paste. Use low heat, stirring constantly and bring to boil (above 210 degrees F). Keep the sauce in low heat for 4 minutes and serve warm over chicken or other foods
Rank No. 9
2 PACK MOLE XICO PASTE 1.1 Lbs./500 grs.
  • Mole xiqueño, flavor and tradition from Veracruz Mexico
  • - Equally delicious and complex in flavors and aromas. In fact is the sweetest mole that there is within the large mole repertoire that exists in Mexico.
  • - More than 20 ingredients
  • - 8-10 Servings per Container
Rank No. 10
Mole Negro PREMIUM de El Sabor de Oaxaca, Authentic Mexican Mole Sauce, Mexican Gourmet Artisan Product, (16 Oz)
  • AUTHENTIC PRODUCT - The black mole of El Sabor de Oaxaca is one of the most emblematic dishes of the state, which is prepared and consumed mainly in the celebration of the Day of the Dead, the Guelaguetza, weddings and patron saint festivities, "Oaxaca is recognized by diners as 'the capital of moles'.
  • GASTRONOMIC TRADITION AND CULTURAL IDENTITY - The Mole Negro represents like no other the nourished wealth of the socio-cultural, historical and traditional values that conform the culinary wealth of Oaxaca, of the artisan flavor of the gastronomy, product of the mixture between its herbs, spices and endemic chili peppers.
  • SERVE IT WITH ... - Mole Negro is traditionally served with previously cooked turkey, chicken, chicken or pork meat. In addition, the dish is accompanied by white rice and corn tortillas. In Oaxaca, it is customary that the leftover mole is used to prepare enchiladas during weddings or baptisms. Accompany it with a good Mezcal or Tequila or Beer.
  • BLACK MOLE, KING OF THE MOLES - As a result of the miscegenation among others, the creation of the Black Mole arises in Oaxaca, a fusion of the clay pot or casserole with the copper or iron cauldron, giving rise to the mestizo cuisine that occupies one of the first places in the world, for its flavors, variety, presentation and nutritional value.
  • PREHISPANIC HERITAGE - Mole is one of the most recognized Pre-Hispanic delicacies in the world for its delicate aroma and intense flavor, the result of the mixture of many spices together with fundamental ingredients, which provide consistency and smoothness to the sauce. It is one of the most representative dishes, of the fusion of cultures and cuisines, that has occurred in Mexico.

How to Pick the Best Store Bought Mole Sauce: Our Buying Guide & Tips

Are you facing difficulties with choosing the top store bought mole sauce? We understand how hard it can be to overcome doubts and prepared this store bought mole sauce buying guide to make the whole thing less stressful and time-taking.

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We did our best to predict all your possible questions using our AI-powered analytical systems and research. Although we provide comprehensive product info and current store bought mole sauce ratings, you should be able to evaluate items on your own. We bet that some or all of these questions are already on your mind:

  • Do I really need a store bought mole sauce?
  • What should I look for in a store bought mole sauce?
  • Who makes the best store bought mole sauce?
  • Are the best rated store bought mole sauce options worth the money?
  • How long does the warranty have to be?
  • How to know If I can trust a manufacturer?

Read & compare store bought mole sauce reviews

Obviously, you can have far more questions about store bought mole sauce than that. No one can guess them all, but what we can do is provide you with all the necessary knowledge that will allow you to do additional research to figure out every single aspect.

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You can use many resources to get the needed information: store bought mole sauce buying guides, websites that aggregate customer reviews, spoken testimonials, official technical details, forums, etc. In-depth research is critical if you want to purchase the best store bought mole sauce for your budget.

On our website, you can already obtain a comprehensive buying guide with authentic and up-to-date information about store bought mole sauce. We apply proprietary AI technology and big data analysis. This allowed us to create the most comprehensive guidelines and rate each store bought mole sauce on the listing based on multiple metrics.

That’s not all we do before publishing the listings of quality store bought mole sauce, though. We should also disclose how we test each store bought mole sauce. After we assess customer rating and other metrics, we purchase each product so that our experts can test them in real-life conditions. That’s the only way to get the full picture.

How We Rate Each Store Bought Mole Sauce

During store bought mole sauce testing, our experts thoroughly record all the product information they can without seeing the web research results. This lets them report unbiased observations. If you don’t have enough time to do all the needed research, you are welcome to get help from us.

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All the reviews are based on real tests and store bought mole sauce comparison, so we can vouch for all the store bought mole sauce brands we mention.

Every review is focused on the following product aspects:

  1. Customer reviews and ratings — we always consider the positive and negative experience of real users;
  2. Brand value – store bought mole sauce brands usually compete by offering unique features, but they’re not always worth your attention. We figure it out for you;
  3. Features – what specs matter for a store bought mole sauce;
  4. Item quality – even the most popular store bought mole sauce manufacturers don’t always give what you pay for but can also provide higher value than you expect. We always look for the second;
  5. Item reliability – this represents real store bought mole sauce durability and lifespan;
  6. Price – sometimes it’s the most important aspect when you really need a store bought mole sauce, but your budget is limited. Fortunately, good items occur in both affordable and premium segments;
  7. Pros and cons – we don’t hide the objective drawbacks of any store bought mole sauce, even if they matter only to a small part of potential owners.

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After posting store bought mole sauce reviews, we stay on top of manufacturer news and update or even fully rewrite the reviews and guides if needed.

We work to let you obtain all the store bought mole sauce benefits, so you are welcome to contact us here if you notice something irrelevant or misleading. We appreciate your support and value your time. You can also read about us for more information on our approach and vision.

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