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Best Nitrous Controller in 2021 [*Top Picks*]

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Looking for the best nitrous controller on the market? We’ve got you covered. Check out our ratings of absolute bestsellers below and make a final decision.

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Bestseller No. 1
Nitrous Express 16006 Maximizer EZ Progressive Controller 0-4.5 Seconds Adjustable Ramp Time Maximizer EZ Progressive Controller
  • Nitrous Express 16006 Maximizer EZ Progressive Controller; 0-4.5 Seconds Adjustable Ramp Time;
  • Authorized Dealer - 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Nitrous Express
  • 16006
  • Warranty: Yes
Bestseller No. 2
Nitrous Express 18959 NX Tps WOT Digital RPM Window Switch
  • This innovative module monitors engine rpm as well as throttle position to automatically control nitrous flow based on user adjustable RPM and TPS values
  • The large LCD display is easy to read and the setting can be quickly viewed and changed without the use of a laptop
  • This module is compatible with all 1 to 12 cylinder engines with coil on plug, waste spark or distributor equipped ignition systems
Bestseller No. 3
  • Brand New NOS Mini 2-Stage Progressive Nitrous Controller with Touch Screen Programmer (Holley Part #25974NOS)
  • Getting the most out of your nitrous system & putting more power to the ground when traction is at its best is the goal with anyone using nitrous as a Power Adder. The new, updated Mini 2-stage progressive nitrous controller from NOS is packed with features that makes that challenge much easier. The LCD also displays RPM, bottle pressure (optional) & stage activation providing robust monitoring of your Nitrous system.
  • 2 completely independent stages of nitrous/fuel control, each with independent throttle position activation switch & progressive ramps. RPM on/off control eliminates need for a window switch & allows turning nitrous on & off at set points & conditions. 2 programmable outputs, allowing control of timing retard or other devices. The hand held 2.4" LCD touch screen display (w/ included stylus), makes programming quick & simple & allows you to mount the main controller housing out of sight.
  • Features: New Mini 2-Stage Progressive Nitrous Controller | New Hand Held Color LCD 2.4" Touch Screen Display with Micro SD Memory Card to Store Tunes & Software Updates | Touch screen Stylus included | 2 Fully Independent Stage Outputs - Allows Programming in Any Curve Shape or With Built-in Ramp Builder Application | Progressive Solenoid Operation Based on Time, RPM &/or TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) Input & Can Shut Nitrous Off at a Programmed RPM Ceiling
  • Specs: Brand: NOS | Emission Code: 4 | Final Percentage: 0 - 100% | Product Type: Nitrous Controller | Progressive Time: 0 - 9.9 Seconds | Setting: Touch Screen | Stages: 2
Bestseller No. 4
NOS 15977NOS Launcher Progressive Controller
  • Fully Programmable via laptop
  • RPM, map or time based programmability
  • Integrated throttle position activation switch
  • Fit type: Vehicle Specific
Bestseller No. 5
Dracarys Pressure Switch Adjustable Pressure Sensor Upgrade Nitrous Oxide Controllers Bottle Heater Pressure Transducer
  • ➤100% brand new pressure transducer /pressure Sender/ Pressure Transmitter.
  • ➤Pressure setting: 1050psi;Pressure adjustable range: 900-1200psi.Fully automatic bottle heater pressure switches is adjustable so you can dial in the pressure you want.
  • ➤This new pressure sensor with normally open insert,stainless steel NPT1/8 external thread base,neutral wordless terminal block and side outlet sheath.
  • ➤Our material is using top of line 316 stainless steel and high temperature auto-graded plastic.
  • ➤The adjustability of the pressure switch, it is compatible with all nitrous kits on the market. Easy to use set-screw for making pressure adjustments.
Bestseller No. 6
Edelbrock 71900 Progressive Nitrous Controller
  • Controls amount of nitrous flow to solenoid
  • Calculates duty cycle and power ramps
  • Comes with an LED display
  • Features a digital display
  • Touch switch programming
Bestseller No. 7
Nitrous Express 16008 Maximizer 5 Progressive Controller Incl. Internal Drivers For Stage One And Stage Two Operates Up To 4 Separate stages Of Nitrous Maximizer 5 Progressive Controller
  • Nitrous Express 16008 Maximizer 5 Progressive Controller; Incl. Internal Drivers For Stage One And Stage Two; Operates Up To 4 Separate stages Of Nitrous;
  • Authorized Dealer - 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Nitrous Express
  • 16008
  • Warranty: Yes
Bestseller No. 8
Nitrous Express Controller, Maximizer 5, Progressive Controller, LCD Touch Display, Wiring Harness, Kit
  • saves up to 3 tunes that can be adjusted easily from the screen
  • make change to the ramp by dragging the dots up or down
  • monitor all inputs in the maximizer 5
  • Oem equivalent part number: 16008S
  • Part number: 16008S
Bestseller No. 10
Dedenbear Products NOC1 Nitrous Oxide Multi-Stage Controller
  • Part number: NOC1
  • Package Weight: 2.0 pounds
  • Oem equivalent part number: NOC1
  • Package Dimensions: 24.52 L x 7.98 H x 12.22 W (inches)

Complete Guide to Buying the Best Nitrous Controller

Given how the market is literally overflowing with products to fit every purpose and budget, it’s only natural that deciding on the features that are indispensable in a quality nitrous controller appears somewhat challenging.

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Are you tired of overwhelming technical details? Do you feel like the manufacturers aren’t very specific about their specifications? We are here to help you navigate the confusing abundance and find your way to your own top nitrous controller out there.

Read below for a beginner-friendly nitrous controller buying guide to make a decision you won’t regret.

How to Pick the Best nitrous controller: Our Buying Guide & Tips

It’s a common scenario for confused shoppers to ask, “Who makes the best nitrous controller?”. While manufacturers differ and this is indeed an important parameter to take into account, we believe the following question to be more appropriate: What should I look for in a nitrous controller?

It’s only by being aware of all the possible features that you can see the whole picture and avoid frustrating cherry-picking. Here is the answer:

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Build Quality and Craftsmanship

Even if you are looking for an affordable nitrous controller, you don’t want it to stop working before the task is done.

Be sure to find out what this or that nitrous controller is made of and preferably scan negative reviews for potential weaknesses so that you can decide whether you can and should put up with those.

Ease of Use

Choose intuitive products that boast a well-thought-out design and just feel good in your preferred setting. Versatility is also important unless you want a dedicated solution, so think about the item’s potential scope as well.


Think about what you pay for if you choose a certain nitrous controller option. Is it the brand or the actual quality? Are all the bells and whistles in this premium model worth the extra money? It’s always up to you. And don’t forget to factor in the warranty — decent coverage could spare you some costs!

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How We Rate Each Nitrous Controller

Some buyers might be eager to get their hands as dirty as possible while looking for their next favorite, but others find the amount of research that goes into informed shopping rather daunting.

You can entrust the task to our rating system if you belong to the latter category. We gather vast amounts of data from nitrous controller ratings and customer feedback to synthesize them into all-around, up-to-date unbiased testimonials to highlight all the pros and cons of a given product.

At the preliminary stage, our system automatically analyzes customer reviews of best rated nitrous controller models. It utilizes efficient artificial intelligence tools to obtain as much first-hand product information as possible and categorize it into benefits and flaws with the help of sentiment analysis instruments.

As a potential buyer, you are probably anxious to know how we test each nitrous controller that we review. What we do is proceed to put each product through a series of stringent tests based on its presumed advantages and features generally seen as neutral.

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Maintaining an extensive and robust database enables nitrous controller comparison for those who have a difficult time choosing between different nitrous controller brands.

Generally, if you know what to look for in a nitrous controller and what price you can afford, the next step is to check customer rating for a selection of most-praised items to choose from.

You can read and compare nitrous controller reviews on your own or entrust it to our artificial intelligence-driven system. Whichever scenario you choose, make sure you are aware of any potential limitations and make the decision based on your purpose and budget.

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