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Best Variable Power Supply in 2022 [Detailed Reviews]

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Looking for the best variable power supply but can’t make a decision? We’ve analyzed hundreds of verified customer reviews and completed our top-10 ratings.

1118 Reviews Scanned

RANK No. 1
Kungber DC Power Supply Variable, 30V 10A Adjustable Switching Regulated DC Bench Linear Power Supply with 4-Digits LED Power Display 5V2A USB Output, Coarse and Fine Adjustments with Alligator Leads
  • High Precision with 4-Digit and Power Display: Kungber 30V 10A DC benchtop power supply is a professional power supply regulation device that has a high resolution of 0.01V and 0.01A. You can easily tune it within 0-30V and 0-10A. The backlit 4-digit LED display provides a more accurate readout for the voltage and current value, visible easily even in the low-light conditions.
  • Constant Voltage (C.V.) & Current (C.C.) Mode Automatic Conversion: Easy to dial in the desired voltage and current with the coarse and fine adjustment knob. The constant voltage/current mode can automatically switch with load changes. The conversion of constant voltage and constant current is indicated by the LED display on the front panel.
  • Compact and Various Application: This DC power supply is less than 3 lb and measures only 9.5 x 3.4 x 6.1 inches, applies for laboratory, school, repair, electrolyzation, electroplate, brush plating, lamp test, aging testing, battery charge, home DIY and other requirements. 5V/2A USB Interface could charge your cellphone and provide power for the device which you want to repair, no worry about running out of power.
  • Reliable and Safety: Many safety measures are adopt in Kungber DC bench power supply- Grounding wire, Leakage protection, Thermal protection, Voltage overload, Power overload and Short-circuit protection. Kungber power supply use premium electronic components, provide reliable working status and prolong the life of product effectively. When the working temperature is more than 122℉/50℃,the intelligent thermal protection will active the cooling fan to lower the temperature according to the load.
  • What You Get - 1 x Kungber SPS3010 DC Power Supply, 1 x Output Power Cord , 1x Input Power Cord, 1 x User Manual
SaleRANK No. 2
DC Power Supply Variable,0-30 V / 0-10 A LW-K3010D Adjustable Switching Regulated Power Supply Digital,with Alligator Leads US Power Cord Used for Spectrophotometer and lab Equipment Repair
  • ◆【High Precision, Wide Range】LONGWEI DC power supply is a professional power supply regulation device that designed with crystal clear, backlit 3-digit LED display of voltage, current, and power. Precise accuracy: 00.1V and 0.01A. You can easily tune it within 0-30V and 0-10A. Very durable and easy to observe even in low light conditions.
  • ◆【High Quality with Essential Safety】Safety is our priority. Grounding wire, The power supply takes the function of limited flow protection, overpower protection, over temperature protection, voltage overload protection. greatly improving its working efficiency and lifespan!
  • ◆【Excellent Heat Dissipation】Equipped with a big fan controlled by intelligent temperature control sensor and multiple heat radiation grooves on both sides, Intelligent fan offers excellent heat dissipation effect, which reduces the noise and prolongs the life of product effectively.
  • ◆【Various Application】This one weighs less than 2kgs and measures only 2.7*8.6*6.3inches, Applies for laboratory, school, home, electronic repair DIY, aging test and other requirements thanks to complete test probes and output cable with alligator clips.
  • ◆【What You Get】1 x K3010D DC power supply, 1 x output power cord, 1 x Input power cord, 1 x test probes, 1 x User manual. (Buy Now Risk-Free with 30 days Free Of Return,we provide 12-Month after sale service, lifetime technical support. Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns,we will reply to you to solve your problem in 24H.)
RANK No. 3
DC Power Supply Variable, Adjustable Switching Regulated Power Supply (0-30 V 0-10 A) with 4-Digits LED Display, 5V/3.6A USB Quick-Charge Interface, Short Circuit Alarm, Coarse and Fine Adjustments
  • 【Automatic Power Calculation】 Different from other dc power supplies, WANPTEK DPS3010U dc power supply can automatically calculate the power value according to the voltage and current, but also can simultaneously display the 4-digit voltage, current and power values, numerical accuracy of 0.01V and 0.001A.
  • 【5V/3.6A USB Interface】The variable power supply has built-in fast charging protocol identification chip that supports USB fast charging function, which is different from the ordinary USB charging interface in that it has a 5V/3.6A output that can quickly charge your mobile phones and or other devices or be used to charge the device to be repaired.
  • 【Short Circuit Alarm】In order to improve the safety of the dc power supply and prolonging its service life, we have designed a short circuit alarm for the dc power supply. When a short circuit occurs, the variable DC power supply will stop output and send out an alarm to remind you. Bench power supply also have safety protections such as overvoltage, overcurrent, overheating and overload.
  • 【Wide Applications】The adjustable power supply features an intelligent temperature-controlled fan and heat sink for excellent heat dissipation and is especially suitable for laboratory, electronic repair DIY, communication equipment maintenance, products line, scientific research and teaching units.
  • 【Packaging and After-Sales】1 x power host, 1 x output power cord, 1 x input power cord, 1 x user manual, We provide 12-Month after sale service, lifetime technical support. If you are not satisfied with the product you received, please feel free to contact us.
RANK No. 4
DC Power Supply Variable, 30V 10A Bench Power Supply with 4-Digits LED Display, USB Interface, Adjustable Regulated Switching Power Supply with Encoder Adjustment Knob, Output Enable/Disable Button
  • 【High-precision encoder knob】Different from general knobs, this DC power supply has a precise encoder knob. You can press the knob to switch each digit, and then turn the knob to customize each digit in the range of 0-9. Set the voltage or current you want more accurately.
  • 【Output Enable/Disable Button】In the process of using the bench power supply, Output button can prevent us from forgetting to turn off the output and causing damage to the load. Just press this button to turn on or turn off the output of the power supply. This makes it more convenient for you to use the power supply.
  • 【Overcurrent Protection】When the OCP function is turned on, if the load equipment is short-circuited during operation, the adjustable power supply will automatically stop output and send a buzzer to alert the user. Protect the adjustable power supply and load from damage.
  • 【Precise 4-digit LED Display】The variable power supply with a high-definition 4-digit display, which can display three values of voltage, current and power at the same time. The data is accurate to 0.01V and 0.001A. The bright white digital display helps you to operate as usual in the dark, and you can adjust the brightness of the screen as needed.
  • 【Compact and Lightweight】The measures of the variable dc power supply is only 7.51*3.56*5.81inch and the weight is only 2.47 pounds, which saves more space on your workbench and is convenient for you to carry when you need it. NANKADF dc power supply is the best choice for beginners or professional electricians.
RANK No. 5
DC Power Supply Variable 30V 6A, TOAUTO Adjustable Switching Regulated Power Supply with 4-Digit Large Display, Short Circuit Alarm, Coarse and Fine Adjustments for Lab Equipment, DIY Tool, Repair
  • ✦【High Precision, Wide Range】: The DC power supply is a professional power regulation device that designed with crystal clear, backlit 4-digit LED display of voltage, current, and power. Precise accuracy: 00.01V and 0.001A. You can easily tune it within 0-30V and 0-6A.
  • ✦【User-Friendly】: The easy-to-use rotary knob of coarse and fine could adjust the data of voltage and current digit by digit, which allows you to set the desired output resolution quickly and easily in 30V 6A. It also comes with high-quality pure copper toroidal transformer, intelligent temperature-controlled fan, unique solar heat dissipation function and 4-in-1 power supply, including universal, digital control, programmable, and timing output power supply.
  • ✦【High-Quality & Multiple Protections】: The Power Supply comes with over-voltage, over-current, over-power, over-heat, short-circuit, five powerful protection function. The built-in fan low arc noise & low ripple,prolonging the life of product effectively. In addtion, the power supply variable displays voltage, current and power simultaneously and the keyboard can be locked to avoid misoperation.
  • ✦ 【Excellent Heat Dissipation】: Equipped with a big fan controlled by intelligent temperature control sensor and multiple heat radiation grooves on side, Dr.meter 30V/6A power supply can quickly disperse heat during operation, greatly improving its working efficiency and lifespan!
  • ✦【Higher Sensitivity & Precision】: Adjustable 30V 6A DC Power Supply is designed for laboratories, schools and production lines. Its output voltage and output current could be continuously adjusted between zero and nominal value. It can precisely sense the location of voltage and current and make double potentiometer adjustment. Good power stability and ripple coefficient, it can precisely sense the location of voltage and current.
RANK No. 6
DC Power Supply Variable, eventek Adjustable Switching DC Regulated Bench Power Supply with 4-Digits LED Display, Alligator Cord/Test Lines (30V 5A)
  • Adjustable DC Power Supply:✅0-30 volts and 0-5 ampere output; Decimal point automatic carry & LED 4 digits display of voltage function displays. Display accuracy: 0.01V and 0.001A. Clearer visible readout for the voltage and current value, extremely durable, and easily visible even in low-light usage.
  • Constant Voltage and Current:✅Automatic conversion between C.C and C.V modes, which can stably output voltage or current; The independent adjustment knobs allow for a bit by bit adjustment of voltage and current data. The conversion between constant voltage and constant current is indicated by the LED display on the front panel.
  • Compact & Excellent Heat Dissipation:✅This power supply features the latest flame-retardant material housing for lightweight and high performance while maximizing impact resistance for safety. Intelligent temperature adjustment function with an integrated thermal sensor can effectively reduce the temperature during operation, effectively reduce noise.
  • Multiple protection functions:✅The power supply is durable and compact. Multiple Protections include boundary current protection, thermal protection, voltage overload protection, short circuit protection, Overpower. Greatly improving its working efficiency and lifespan!
  • Wide Applicability:✅eventek power supplies are FCC certified and are suitable for repair centers, workshops, and school laboratories, electronic repair DIY, communication equipment maintenance. We provide 24 months after-sales service and warranty. If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to contact us.
RANK No. 7
NICE-POWER Adjustable DC Power Supply: 30V 10A Variable Switching Regulated High Precision 4-Digits LED Display 5V/2A USB Port Test Lead Output & Input Power Cord Bench Lab Power Supplies
  • 【High Precision, Low Ripple, LED Display, Auto Switch C.C/C.V Mode】NICE-POWER 30V 10A DC power supply is a professional power supply regulator with high accuracy of 0.01V and 0.001A, low ripple of DC power supply. The backlit 4-digit LED display has the advantage of high resolution, which can be easily viewed even if you are in low-light conditions . Adjustable power supply has C.V/C.C indicator light, constant voltage and constant current mode can automatically complete the switch.
  • 【CE & FCC Certification, Multiple Protection, Various Application】Lab power supplies have passed CE & FCC Certification. 30V DC power supply has multiple protections: Overvoltage protection, Overcurrent protection, Overheating protection, Over power protection, Short circuit protection, Leakage Protection. DC power supply is suitable for laboratories, schools, electronic maintenance , Electrolysis, electroplating, lamp test, aging test, home DIY, scientific research and teaching, etc.
  • 【Front Power Switch , Stable Horizontal Design, Lightweight and Portable】The front power switch is very convenient. Bench power supply adopts Stable Horizontal Design, DC power supply has Shock Absorber Rubber Feet at the bottom, so it will be safer and more stable during use. DC power supply is very light and portable, with a size of only 3.3 x 9.9 x 6.7 inches and a weight of only 2.6 pounds. You can easily take the DC power supply to work.
  • 【5V/2A USB Port, Intelligent Cooling Fan, High-quality Materials】The DC power supply is equipped with a 5V/2A USB port, you can charge your mobile phone, tablet or other devices. When the working temperature of the DC power supply exceeds 122℉/50℃, the cooling fan is turned on intelligently, which can effectively dissipate heat. , Reduce working noise and prolong the service life of equipment. High-quality materials make our DC power supply more durable.
  • 【Quality Check and Terms of Service】You will get DC Power Supply*1, Output Power Cord*1, Input Power Cord*1, User Manual*1 by purchasing DC power supply. We will inspect all DC power supply and accessories before shipment to ensure that the quality of the products received by each customer is good. We provide a 12-month warranty policy. If you have any questions about our DC power supply, please feel free to contact us, we will response back within 24 hours.
RANK No. 8
Eventek DC Power Supply Variable, 120V 3A Adjustable Switching Regulated DC Bench Linear Power Supply with 4-Digits LED Power Display 5V2A USB Output, Alligator Leads US Power Cord for Laboratory
  • DC Power Supply Adjustable: 0-120 volts and 0-3 amp outputs; the Back-lit LED display accuracy: 0.01 V and 0.001A , Could be used for electro etching
  • Constant voltage and current operation mode (C.C and C.V. automatic conversion);small volume,light weight and stable output
  • Intelligent temperature control with built-in thermo-sensor, effectively reduce noise and prolong the life of product
  • Multiple protections: limit current protection, thermal protection, voltage overload protection, short-circuit protection
  • Eventek DC Power Supplies are FCC certified, 30 Days Money Back 24 Months Limited Guarantee for you !
RANK No. 9
Programmable DC Power Supply (0-30 V 0-10 A) HM310T High Precision 4-Digit Voltage Current Power Time Display Variable Switching Digital Power Supply with PC Software and USB Interface
  • [Programmable DC Power Supply]: This programmable DC power supply has a standard USB interface on the back and supports the Modbus programming instruction set. Hardware list With programmable sequence output. Six groups of quick parameter storage features.
  • [High accuracy]: The HANMATEK variable DC regulated power supply can display the output current, voltage, and power in 4 digits. At the same time, the time can be displayed and the decimal point is automatically rounded up. Output voltage: 0-30V, output current: 10A. Voltage resolution: 10mv; Current resolution: 1mA.
  • [Reliability and Safety]: This variable DC regulated power supply has five powerful functions: overvoltage protection (OUP), overcurrent protection (OCP), overpower protection (OPP), overheat protection (OTP), and short-circuit protection. It has a protective function. With the automatic temperature control cooling fan, the cooling fan turns on automatically when the operating temperature exceeds 45 ° C.
  • [Multi-function]: Front 5V 1.5A dual USB charging interface that can be charged and repaired. The one-key output on / off switch allows you to preset the voltage and current values ​​when the output is off, which is convenient for operation. One key for the voltage stabilization and current stabilization switch to automatically lock the keyboard to prevent erroneous operation.
  • [Packing]: 1 * Programmable DC power supply; 1 * CD; 1 * Power cord; 1 * Clip cord; 1 * USB cable; 1 * Manual
RANK No. 10
AlloverPower 3V - 24V 1.5A 36W Adjustable DC Power Supply Kit AC Adapter Speed Control Volt Display ON Off Switch with Variable 8 Plugs
  • Adjustable and visable display voltage, can be adjusted the voltage from 3V - 24V through the display.
  • Input: AC 100-120V, Output: DC 3V - 24V, 1.5Amax.
  • Come with 8 Plugs, Fit for power supply needs in different Devices.
  • Special Buit-in Power on/off switch, more convenient and easy to control the adapter with this function.
  • All-in-One Adapter - fit 90% of AC/DC Home & Outdoor appliances, widely use in multiple devices. (WON'T WORK ON COMPUTER!!!)

Buying the Best Variable Power Supply — A Quick Guide

If you’re on a hunt for a worthy variable power supply, you may run into some potholes. Is it a reliable product that you want to buy? Is it worth spending money? Are there any better (and cheaper) offers from the rival brands? What should I look for in a variable power supply?

So many tough questions… And it looks like there’s plenty of variable power supply on the market — you barely know which manufacturer to trust! So, to help you avoid frustration, indecision and time-wasting, we offer you a helping hand.

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The good news is that we have already done the hard part of research: hand-picking, analyzing and reviewing the best-rated variable power supply. And now we are excited to share our knowledge with you!

So, this is how we test each variable power supply:

  • Brand. It’s important to know who makes your variable power supply. We carefully study the company’s portfolio, history and reputation. We look at other variable power supply brands and compare all of their benefits/drawbacks.
  • Perks. Each variable power supply may have unique features and specifications. We do a microscopic variable power supply comparison when it comes to various models. So, our assortment presents a variable power supply for every occasion.
  • Reputation. We also investigate and compare variable power supply reviews to be sure that it deserves your attention. And our verification AI-algorithms help us to filter out fake, improper or paid-for reviews.
  • Value. We separate weed from chaffs and examine quality variable power supply only. No second-rate stuff on our watch list!
  • Price. We understand that you aim to buy a reliable variable power supply at the lowest price possible. There’s no shame in being pragmatic! And our variable power supply ratings include both budget-wise and more premium items.
  • Warranty. For how long is a variable power supply going to serve? Does the brand vouch for its quality? We also look for the best warranty among other technical details, so you don’t lose your money.

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And then, using all the product information that we managed to gather, we rate each variable power supply individually. We present you all the pros/cons, characteristics, brand’s reliability, overall user rating from 1 to 5 stars, as well as the best model assortment.

Besides, our variable power supply review database is always updated. We understand how important it is to stay relevant and highlight all pros and cons.

So, we keep the finger on the pulse: we track down new product series, check the new players on the market, watch the fashion and trends, and learn about the consumer’s needs and desires. It all helps to figure out the top variable power supply.

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Our variable power supply buying guide uses only trustworthy and double-checked info. And the extra sources for it include:

  • Business review websites.
  • Articles and reviews from the topic-related expert media.
  • Verified customer reviews from the biggest retailers.
  • Info from Q&A platforms.

Finally, we employ AI, Big Data and machine-learning algorithms to assess that monstrous caboodle of info. It helps to filter out unreliable info, fake testimonials, low customer rating irrelevant data, outdated reports and other junk information.

So, our Top 10 variable power supply selection is always a source of reliance. Who makes the best variable power supply? What is the optimal affordable price? For how long will it serve in your arsenal? Which brands should be skipped? We answer all that and even more.

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But no database is perfect. If you happen to notice any errors, misleading info, inadequate ratings, undeserved praise/criticism, incomplete feature list or anything else — leave a comment.

We pay a major attention to the fact-check and look for every way possible to make our variable power supply buying guides better. Follow them to find the best variable power supply and take your shopping to the next level.

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