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🥇 Best Qrp Radio for 2022 [Top Picks]

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Here you will find our comprehensive research-based listing of the best qrp radio as well as the detailed descriptions of the most important specifications.

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Rank No. 1
Minimum QRP: Doing more with under five watt amateur radio
  • Amazon Kindle Edition
  • Parker, Peter (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 148 Pages - 10/07/2015 (Publication Date) - Peter Parker (Publisher)
Rank No. 2
Radioddity QR20 20W QRP Radio SDR Transceiver, Full Band CW SSB RTTY AM FM DMR, Auto Antenna Tuner
  • All Band All Mode 20W SDR – The Radioddity QR20 supports SSB, CW, RTTY, AM, FM, DMR (optional) full-mode operation with reception from 100kHz to 2GHz and transmit from 160m to 70cm.
  • Built-in Battery with Two Way to Recharge – The QR20 comes with a built-in 3.5Ah rechargeable battery, providing you with 3-4 hours of outdoor operating time. You can charge it via both DC power supply and USB type-C cable.
  • Built-in Auto Antenna Tuner – The QR20 is equipped with a 160-6 meters high-speed automatic antenna tuner. Tune your antenna directly so that its impedance matches the transceiver and reduces SWR.
  • PC Software & Smartphone APP Control – Want to wirelessly operate your radio? In addition to normal PC software, the QR20 can be easily controlled by a custom phone APP through Bluetooth. Android & iOS available.
  • Dual-fan Cooling Design – The two cooling fans are located on both sides of the QR20. They can adjust speed from 2000 to 8000 RPM according to different working conditions to achieve the auto temperature control function.
Rank No. 3
CHENXIAO Usdx Usdr Hf Qrp Sdr Transceiver SSB/Cw Transceiver 8-Band 5W Shortwave Druse SSB/cw Transceiver Dsp Sdr Met Zwarte Shell Voor Ham Radio
  • 🍀【Premium Materials】 This is a shortwave druse ssb/cw transceiver. 1602 screen, built-in 12.6v battery, equipped with charger, built-in microphone, built-in speaker! It can be connected to an automatic key, which can be decoded by cw. Using osmo series launch tube, durable. The maximum external power supply is 13.8v 10w!
  • 🍀【Dsp Function】 Automatic gain control (agc), noise reduction (nr), voice trigger, voice trigger xmit (vox), attenuator rx attenuator (att), tx Noise gate, tx driver control, volume control, dbm/s meter.
  • 🍀【Versatile Cxp Ssb High Frequency】 Simple, fun and versatile cxp ssb high frequency transceiver with built-in dsp and sdr functions. SSB launch phase triggered by eer electronic level. 13.8v power supply provides about 10w ssb output. Full mode support: usb, lsb, cw, am, fm. dsp filter: password 4000, 2500, 1700, 500, 200, 100, 50hz.
  • 🍀【Stronger Versatility】 This is probably the most economical and easiest to build standalone sdr/ssb transceiver. Greater simplification simplifies the original qcx circuit (that is, the installation components are reduced by 50%, the installation components are reduced by 50%, no complicated transformer windings, and no wiring procedures are required), and the versatility is stronger.
  • 🍀【Front Receiver Selectivity】 Steep adjustment frequency -45db/ten times roll-off/-2khz. 20khz offset 123db, 2khz offset 78db. Cw decoder, direct keyboard/iambi-a/b. vfo a/b script and split, switch the corresponding relay band filter through i2c. Support cat (subset of ts480), can stream audio, keystrokes and display text through cat.
Rank No. 4
SODIAL 10W Max USDX 8 Band SDR All Mode USB, LSB, CW, AM, FM HF SSB QRP Transceiver QCX-SSB with Battery and Mic
  • Use TCXO for KDS. Accuracy 0.5PPM (1PPM per year)
  • Using IRF series launch tube, durable
  • 8 bands. Power standing wave digital display! External 13.8v maximum power 10w! Built-in 12.6v battery
  • Can be used by connecting the antenna (M )
  • Aluminum shell -marking. All-aluminum knobs! Translucent silica gel button (receive green, emit red)
Rank No. 5
LJJDSLYU S-Pixie HAM Transceiver Radio Shortwave Telegraph 40m Super CW QRP 7.023 MHz DIY Kits with Shell Large Potentiometer
  • The transceiver worked fine on transmit and receive. The plexiglass case still had the brown paper protective layer on it.
  • The use of horizontal resistors and horizontal diodes (upside down welding) makes the welding process not easy to short-circuit.
  • It uses a high-end potentiometer, no manual tools are needed to adjust the beat frequency, and it can be adjusted manually.
  • The power supply does not distinguish between positive and negative poles (Recommended battery or linear power supply), the power supply range is increased to 9~13.8V,>500mA.
  • When you purchase the product, I will send the instructions to your mailbox. If you fail to receive it, please contact seller for it. Enjoy.Thx
Rank No. 6
S-Pixie CW QRP Ham Amateur Shortwave Radio Transceiver 7.023 7.050 Mhz DIY Kits with Transparent Acrylic Shell
  • "PIXIE" is mini the 40 meter band simple micro-power amplitude telegraph transceiver, 9 ~ 13.8V DC power supply
  • Resistance to change is a horizontal packaging vertical packaging, easy to solve the short-circuit resistance has long been a problem.
  • Power input does not distinguish between positive and negative, and to improve the power supply range, the user can easily use 13.8V communication power supply, and do not worry about the positive and negative reversed losses.
  • Increasing the transmitter side as the buzzer sound prompts (using a jumper cap shielding sound), an increase of LED lights as transmitters prompt.
  • When you purchase the product, I will send the instructions to your mailbox. If you fail to receive it, please contact seller for it. Enjoy.Thx
Rank No. 7
XIEGU G1M Portable QRP HF Transceiver SDR Transceiver Four Bands SSB CW AM Mode 5 Watt
  • Mini 5 Watt radio
  • SDR Transceiver
  • portable QRP transceiver
  • QRP Transceiver
Rank No. 8
Icom IC-705 HF/VHF/UHF All Mode Portable QRP 5W/10W Transceiver
  • Output Power: 10W with 13.8VDC external power supply, 5W with BP-272 li-ion battery pack
  • Receiver: 0.030–199.999, 400.000–470.000
  • Transmitter: 1.800–1.999, 3.500–3.999, 5.255–5.405, 7.000–7.300, 10.100–10.150, 14.000–14.350, 18.068–18.168, 21.000–21.450, 24.890–24.990, 28.000–29.700, 50.000–54.000, 144.000–148.000, 430.000–450.000
  • The large 4.3-inch touch screen color improves visibility and operability in the field.
  • Built-in Bluetooth and wireless LAN; use for smartphone linking and remote control
Rank No. 9
Abovehill S-Pixie CW QRP Transceiver Telegraph Shortwave Radio Radio 7.023Mhz 40 Meter+Case Assembled
  • S-Pixie Kit is a small and exquisite shortwave radio station, working mode is CW. Transmitting local oscillator frequency: 7023KHz; receiving local oscillator frequency: about 7023-7026KHz.
  • Radio Station Power Supply Voltage is 9-13.8V (Battery or Linear Regulated Power Supply is Recommended), and the positive and Negative Poles are Not distinguished. Antenna: 50 ohm, 7MHz, standing wave ratio below 2.0.
  • Radio station receiving static current: 20mA, transmitting current: 120mA , Transmitting power: 1.2W, does not support automatic transmission, key: manual key
  • Before powering on the radio station, please connect a dummy load to prevent accidental emission from burning.
  • After you purchase, I will send you the product manual through the platform chat window. After getting the product, please tear off the protective film on the product protective case. You will get exactly the same product as the main picture. We will provide you with quality service. Please feel free to contact me if there are any problems during the use of the product.
Rank No. 10
1:4 Mini Balun, Consumer Electronics, with Stable Performance, for HF Shortwave Antenna for Outdoor QRP Station and Furniture
  • 【High Quality】The shell of the mini balun is made of hard plastic material, strong and durable, not easy to damage, has good performance and a long service life.
  • 【Characteristic】The withstand power of the 1:4 mini balun is 100W SSB, smoothly operation and good performance, with small size and easy to disassemble, carry and store.
  • 【Application】The balun has great workmanship, can perfect replacement for the old one, has a wide range use, suitable for outdoor setting and QRP use, very good electronic accessories.
  • 【Product Parameter】The HF mini balun size is approximately 94 x 36 x 26mm / 3.7 x 1.4 x 1in (including terminals), and the housing size is approximately 60 x 36 x 26mm / 2.4 x 1.4 x 1 inch.
  • 【Quality Assurance】This video balun is manufactured under strict quality control and standard requirements, and has a high safety factor, so it can be used with confidence.

How to Pick the Best Qrp Radio: Our Buying Guide & Tips

Are you facing difficulties with choosing the top qrp radio? We understand how hard it can be to overcome doubts and prepared this qrp radio buying guide to make the whole thing less stressful and time-taking.

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We did our best to predict all your possible questions using our AI-powered analytical systems and research. Although we provide comprehensive product info and current qrp radio ratings, you should be able to evaluate items on your own. We bet that some or all of these questions are already on your mind:

  • Do I really need a qrp radio?
  • What should I look for in a qrp radio?
  • Who makes the best qrp radio?
  • Are the best rated qrp radio options worth the money?
  • How long does the warranty have to be?
  • How to know If I can trust a manufacturer?

Read & compare qrp radio reviews

Obviously, you can have far more questions about qrp radio than that. No one can guess them all, but what we can do is provide you with all the necessary knowledge that will allow you to do additional research to figure out every single aspect.

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You can use many resources to get the needed information: qrp radio buying guides, websites that aggregate customer reviews, spoken testimonials, official technical details, forums, etc. In-depth research is critical if you want to purchase the best qrp radio for your budget.

On our website, you can already obtain a comprehensive buying guide with authentic and up-to-date information about qrp radio. We apply proprietary AI technology and big data analysis. This allowed us to create the most comprehensive guidelines and rate each qrp radio on the listing based on multiple metrics.

That’s not all we do before publishing the listings of quality qrp radio, though. We should also disclose how we test each qrp radio. After we assess customer rating and other metrics, we purchase each product so that our experts can test them in real-life conditions. That’s the only way to get the full picture.

How We Rate Each Qrp Radio

During qrp radio testing, our experts thoroughly record all the product information they can without seeing the web research results. This lets them report unbiased observations. If you don’t have enough time to do all the needed research, you are welcome to get help from us.

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All the reviews are based on real tests and qrp radio comparison, so we can vouch for all the qrp radio brands we mention.

Every review is focused on the following product aspects:

  1. Customer reviews and ratings — we always consider the positive and negative experience of real users;
  2. Brand value – qrp radio brands usually compete by offering unique features, but they’re not always worth your attention. We figure it out for you;
  3. Features – what specs matter for a qrp radio;
  4. Item quality – even the most popular qrp radio manufacturers don’t always give what you pay for but can also provide higher value than you expect. We always look for the second;
  5. Item reliability – this represents real qrp radio durability and lifespan;
  6. Price – sometimes it’s the most important aspect when you really need a qrp radio, but your budget is limited. Fortunately, good items occur in both affordable and premium segments;
  7. Pros and cons – we don’t hide the objective drawbacks of any qrp radio, even if they matter only to a small part of potential owners.

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After posting qrp radio reviews, we stay on top of manufacturer news and update or even fully rewrite the reviews and guides if needed.

We work to let you obtain all the qrp radio benefits, so you are welcome to contact us here if you notice something irrelevant or misleading. We appreciate your support and value your time. You can also read about us for more information on our approach and vision.

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