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🥇 Best Live Rat Trap for 2022 [Top Picks]

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Here you will find our comprehensive research-based listing of the best live rat trap as well as the detailed descriptions of the most important specifications.

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SaleRank No. 1
Gingbau Live Traps for Chipmunks Rats and Mice (Set of 2)
  • Dimensions: 10.5 x 5.5 x 4.5 inches (set of 2)
  • Ideal for chipmunks, rats and mice
  • Catch animals alive and release them far away from your home
  • High sensitive trigger mechanism and auto door lock (latch) design
  • Ease of use, comes with a detailed user manual
Rank No. 2
Kensizer Humane Rat Trap, Chipmunk Rodent Trap That Work for Indoor and Outdoor Small Animal - Mouse Voles Hamsters Live Cage Catch and Release
  • Humane Rat Rodent Trap - After catching them, you can release them at any time. Product Size: 10.5 x 5.5 x 4.5. If you want to catch a big one, please choose a bigger size.
  • Light Weight Galvanized Steel - Sturdy and Durable, the finest wire mesh won't be bitten open by those small animals' teeth. It's not fit for opossum or big squirrel, since they can bite the trap broken and escape.
  • High sensitive trigger mechanism - Once the trigger is touched, the door will be auto-locked immediately and keep the critters in it.
  • Exclusive Patented Design - Innovative, efficient and easy to use, it's widely recognized by the users. Rat trap that work for chipmunk, rat, mouse and other rodent animal.
  • Premium Customer Service - If it's damaged in a half year, please contact us and show us the pictures and we will send you a replacement.
Rank No. 3
Large Humane Rat Traps, Set of 2, Catch and Release Chipmunks Into The Wild, Cruelty Free, Live Capture Plank Trap, Smart No Kill Rodent House Cage, A Friendly Pest Control Solution
  • Cruelty Free Gold Star Traps - Offers a solution to the growing number of consumers troubled with killing animals but who are in need of quick and effective rodent control. The Kat Sense Smart Live Capture ventilated rat trap provides a method to catch a rat without killing the rodent. It utilizes bait to lure the rat into the trap and as soon as it does, the door snaps shut. The captured norway rat stays inside the trap until it is released in an open area away from home.
  • Child & Pet Friendly - This method avoids the need to use glue traps, dangerous bait block or snap traps to catch that loose mouse in the house. Very secure to use even with children around, unlike the use of mouse pellets which may be ingested accidentally by little children.
  • Recommended By Animal Rights Organization - The rat or chipmunk can stay inside the trap and munch on its snack until it is set free in an outdoor area. Because the mouse is not killed, this solution is ideal for animal lovers. In fact, it is recommended by humane societies in America and around the world. Such as PETA
  • Peaceful Solution To A Pesky Problem - This temporary holding cell for rats is cheap, effective, and cruelty-free. It uses a trapdoor-type of entryway to quarantine mice, chipmunks, and voles. The Smart Rat Trap can be cleaned and reused as many times as needed. You’ll be thrilled with this quick and humane mouse control. The Best Mouse Trap money can buy - these mice traps are a fast, simple and a reliable solution.
  • New Clever Design - Makes a wonderful gift for animal lovers; This is indeed a better mousetrap other ways are just cruel and unnecessary. These traps are molded from tough non-absorbent quality polystyrene that cleverly catches mice without killing them. Measures 9.4" x 3.2" x 3.6" Features an integrated bait cap to hold attractant or bait, providing even better results. Comes with (2) mouse traps with instructions inside and tips about trapping rats & mouse-proofing your home.
Rank No. 4
2-Pack Humane Rat Cage Traps, Live Mouse Rat Cage Traps Catch and Release for Indoor Outdoor, Small Animals Chipmunk Traps, Easy to use, Pet Safe Medium Size ( 10.6"x 5.5"x 4.5" )
  • 【Medium Sized Dimensions】- The humane live rat traps cage size: L: 10.6" x W: 5.5" x H: 4.5". Great choice for catching SMALL rats, mouse , mice, vole, hamster. Safe for pets. PLEASE NOTE: It is not suitable for large rodents ( LIKE Opossum, Squirrels and Chipmunks)
  • 【High Sensitive 】- Simply raise the door and place baits on Pedal and attach the lever to the trigger bar to set. Once the mouse is going to this sensitive cage trap, the trigger is touched, the door will be auto-locked immediately and keep the critters in it.
  • 【Sturdy and Durable Cage Traps】 - The Humane Rat Rodent Traps are made of thick and durable Aluminum mesh to prevent animals from chewing or clawing, which is also reducing the risk of human-rodent contact. Safety and Humane.
  • 【Easy to Install】 - The seventh picture has an installation video. Please check the video before installation! Additional, You need to correctly insert the u-shaped door handle into the hole on door before assembling. If you have any questions about installation, please contact us in time.
  • 【Reliable & Reusable Live Rat Traps】- Use the bait that small animals like. Suitable for indoor, outdoor, kitchen, indoor, garage, yard, garden, Patio use. After an small animal or rodent is caught, you can release them at any time, and the trap can be re-baited and used over and over again.
Rank No. 5
Harris Catch and Release Humane Animal and Rodent Cage Trap for Mice, Rats, Chipmunks, Small Squirrels, and Voles (9.3in x 4.3in x 4.5in)
  • Medium Sized Dimensions - L: 9.25" x W: 4.3" x H: 4.5". Great for safely catching chipmunks, rats, mice, voles, and small squirrels
  • Easy to Bait and Set - Simply raise the door and attach the lever to the trigger bar to set
  • Reusable - After an animal or rodent is caught, the trap can be re-baited and used over and over again
  • Extra Thick Wiring - The trap is made of thick and durable metal to prevent animals from chewing or clawing their way out
  • Rust and Corrosion Resistant - The metal is coated to prevent rust and corrosion, making the trap ideal for outdoor use
Rank No. 6
RUGGED RANCH RATTR The Ratinator Multiple Catch Live Rat Trap , 21 Rats in One
  • Unique, one-of-a-kind, multi-catch rat trap that can catch swarms of rats in only a matter of hours!
  • Humane live trap with no poisons.
  • Catch up to 21 Rats in just one setting.
SaleRank No. 7
2-Pack Mouse Traps, Small Animal Humane Live Rat Cage Traps for House Indoor Use to Catch and Release Rats, Mouse, Mice and Small Rodents
  • 【Medium Sized Dimensions】- L: 10.6’ x W: 5.5’ x H: 4.5’. Great choice for catching rats, mouse and mice. PLEASE NOTE: It is not suitable for large rodents (Squirrels and Chipmunks)
  • 【Easy to Bait and Set】 - Simply raise the door and place baits on Pedal and attach the lever to the trigger bar to set.
  • 【High Sensitive 】- Once the mouse is going to this trap, the trigger is touched, the door will be auto-locked immediately and keep the critters in it.
  • 【Reliable & Reusable】- After an animal or rodent is caught, you can release them at any time, and the trap can be re-baited and used over and over again.
  • 【Extra Thick Wiring】 - The traps are made of thick and durable wire mesh to prevent animals from chewing or clawing, which is also reducing the risk of human-rodent contact.
SaleRank No. 8
Gingbau Humane Rat Trap Live Chipmunk Mouse Cage Trap for Indoors and Outdoors
  • 12.2 x 6.5 x 5.2 inches, suitable for chipmunks, rats and mice
  • No kill animal trap, catch and relocate small rodents easily
  • Ease of use, detailed instructions included
  • High sensitive trigger and auto door lock to prevent animals from escaping
  • Easy to clean, reusable for indoors and outdoors
SaleRank No. 9
Rat Trap, Mouse Trap, Moutrapper Chipmunk Trap, Humane Rat Trap, Live Animal Trap for Outdoor and Indoor, Catch and Release Mouse Trap, Small Squirrel Trap, trampas para ratones
  • Professional Mouse Trap For Small Animals: Product Size: 12.6x5.0x4.9 in. Great size for catching mice, chipmunks, rats, hamsters and similar-sized rodents
  • High Sensitive Trigger Mechanism: The trigger is designed with HOOK. Once the rat touch the hook, the door will shut down and be locked immediately. It has no chance to escape.
  • Safe and Durable: The no kill trap is safe for kids or pets. The live mouse trap also won’t hurt the rats or chipmunks. The rat trap is made from galvanized iron. It would not rust
  • Easy to Use and Clean: There is a detailed instruction with picture included. After releasing a rodent, just wash the cage in running water and dry it. Then you could use it again
  • If there is any question with the chipmunk trap, feel free to contact us. We would love to offer help
Rank No. 10
FABU Walk The Plank Mouse Trap from Oak Wood - Plank Mouse Trap Auto Reset - Humane Bucket Rat Trap - No Drilling Required - Kill or Live Catch Mice & Other Pests & Rodents (Natural Wood)
  • ✅ BRILLIANT - AUTO RESET TO CATCH MULTIPLE MICE WITH ONE TRAP ONLY - unlike glue trap, snap trap and all other kinds that catch only one or two mice, this walk the plank mouse trap is reset automatically to keep catching more and more mice. You only need one plank mouse trap to catch all mice at your place instead of keeping buying a bunch of other traps. It is REUSABLE and very EFFECTIVE!!! For better results, you are advised to put two traps on a bucket.
  • ✅ REUSABLE & EASY TO CLEAN - Counterbalance with block wood and inserted magnet provide the trap with resilience force and reusable possibility. It is also very easy to clean up both the trap and the bucket.
  • ✅ OAK WOOD MATERIAL FOR BETTER DURABILITY - Upgraded from old version that was made from polywood, this new plank mouse trap is made from oak wood with two-layer PU coating for better water resistance.
  • ✅ REUSABLE & EASY TO CLEAN - Counterbalance with block wood and inserted magnet provide the trap with resilience force and reusable possibility. It is also very easy to clean up both the trap and the bucket.
  • ✅ 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - FABUTA plank mouse trap come with a 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked. If you are not fully-satisfied with your purchase, we will give you your money back! Click " Add to Cart" and "Buy now"

How to Pick the Best Live Rat Trap: Our Buying Guide & Tips

Are you facing difficulties with choosing the top live rat trap? We understand how hard it can be to overcome doubts and prepared this live rat trap buying guide to make the whole thing less stressful and time-taking.

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We did our best to predict all your possible questions using our AI-powered analytical systems and research. Although we provide comprehensive product info and current live rat trap ratings, you should be able to evaluate items on your own. We bet that some or all of these questions are already on your mind:

  • Do I really need a live rat trap?
  • What should I look for in a live rat trap?
  • Who makes the best live rat trap?
  • Are the best rated live rat trap options worth the money?
  • How long does the warranty have to be?
  • How to know If I can trust a manufacturer?

Read & compare live rat trap reviews

Obviously, you can have far more questions about live rat trap than that. No one can guess them all, but what we can do is provide you with all the necessary knowledge that will allow you to do additional research to figure out every single aspect.

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You can use many resources to get the needed information: live rat trap buying guides, websites that aggregate customer reviews, spoken testimonials, official technical details, forums, etc. In-depth research is critical if you want to purchase the best live rat trap for your budget.

On our website, you can already obtain a comprehensive buying guide with authentic and up-to-date information about live rat trap. We apply proprietary AI technology and big data analysis. This allowed us to create the most comprehensive guidelines and rate each live rat trap on the listing based on multiple metrics.

That’s not all we do before publishing the listings of quality live rat trap, though. We should also disclose how we test each live rat trap. After we assess customer rating and other metrics, we purchase each product so that our experts can test them in real-life conditions. That’s the only way to get the full picture.

How We Rate Each Live Rat Trap

During live rat trap testing, our experts thoroughly record all the product information they can without seeing the web research results. This lets them report unbiased observations. If you don’t have enough time to do all the needed research, you are welcome to get help from us.

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All the reviews are based on real tests and live rat trap comparison, so we can vouch for all the live rat trap brands we mention.

Every review is focused on the following product aspects:

  1. Customer reviews and ratings — we always consider the positive and negative experience of real users;
  2. Brand value – live rat trap brands usually compete by offering unique features, but they’re not always worth your attention. We figure it out for you;
  3. Features – what specs matter for a live rat trap;
  4. Item quality – even the most popular live rat trap manufacturers don’t always give what you pay for but can also provide higher value than you expect. We always look for the second;
  5. Item reliability – this represents real live rat trap durability and lifespan;
  6. Price – sometimes it’s the most important aspect when you really need a live rat trap, but your budget is limited. Fortunately, good items occur in both affordable and premium segments;
  7. Pros and cons – we don’t hide the objective drawbacks of any live rat trap, even if they matter only to a small part of potential owners.

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After posting live rat trap reviews, we stay on top of manufacturer news and update or even fully rewrite the reviews and guides if needed.

We work to let you obtain all the live rat trap benefits, so you are welcome to contact us here if you notice something irrelevant or misleading. We appreciate your support and value your time. You can also read about us for more information on our approach and vision.

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