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🥇 Best Dueling Tree Target for 2022 [Top Picks]

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Here you will find our comprehensive research-based listing of the best dueling tree target as well as the detailed descriptions of the most important specifications.

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SaleRank No. 1
Birchwood Casey USA World of Targets Handgun Dueling Tree 3/8" AR500 Yellow
  • Ar500 steel paddles
  • No tools required to assemble
  • 6 shooting paddles
  • Country of origin: United States
Rank No. 2
Dueling Tree Target Foldable 6"×3/8" AR500 Dueling Tree Kit with 3/8" 6 Steel Paddles Steel Dueling Tree
  • Perfect design: Contains 6" × 3/8" AR500 steel puddles; Metal base compatible with 2×4" and 4×4" lumber; Compatible with most pistol and rifle calibers, including 9mm, 45ACP, .223, 30-06 & 308 and other calibers.
  • AR500 Steel: All 6 paddles and rod are made of brand new and new metal raw materials so it has better abrasive resistance and impact resistance ability, Brinell hardness can reach up to 500HBW or more. In order to maintain its hardness, we choose a laser cutting machine to cut down paddles from a whole piece of steel plate. Bullets can not make a hole in it but can leave beautiful impact marks in the paddles. The rod also uneasy to be shot off.
  • Compatible with 4 kinds of rods: We pre-setted 4 different holes in the pedestal, 4*4inches square hole for standard lumber, 2*4inches hole for smaller standard lumber, you can find suitable lumber in the supermarket easily, 2 rhombic holes for our standard steel rod and 1 cruciform hole for the special rod. In terms of compatibility, our dueling tre target is the best.
  • 6" * 3/8" paddles: Considering the impact of different bullets, we use a whole 3/8" thick AR500 steel plate to cut down paddles, it can resistance most of the impact of a powerful bullet. Besides, the thickness of the rods can reach 13/64", it's not easy to be punctured by the heavy bullet. The rod can reach 5.6ft so you can aim the targets at a comfortable position.
  • Strong Grip: The pedestal is holding by 4 dismountable rounded legs, every leg is made of 13/64" AR500 steel, they are large enough to hold all of the metal parts. What's most important that each leg pad has 2 boreholes on two sides, you can nail every leg pad to the ground with long nails, no matter how you shoot the target, it will not be knocked down or shake sharply under continuous fire.
Rank No. 3
Magnum Target 4" x 3/8" AR500 Steel Shooting Range Targets Dueling Trees Metal Paddles w/Tubes
  • Set includes six 4 inch diameter round steel shooting paddles with 3in tubes (1" ID, 1.25 OD) for DIY dueling trees. These paddles are 6 inches in length overall. To ensure sufficient upright clearance with a quick full rotation, we recommend 7/8in - 1 1/2in angle iron. No larger. Pin diameter measures 3/4" nominal.
  • These 3/8in. AR500 steel targets are great for most pistol rounds, including magnum calibers. Targets are made from 3/8in AR500 plate and rated to 3000fps at 100 yards
  • Steel shooting targets are precision cut with a CNC plasma cutter and submersion water cooled during the cutting process to maintain the integrity of the shooting targets, ensuring the longest life.
  • Reversible steel target face doubles the life of the shooting target
SaleRank No. 4
Crosman CDTT Dueling Tree Airgun Target
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE TARGET - Made for air rifles and pistols
  • SIX (6) 3mm STEEL PLATES - Swing from side to side when hit
Rank No. 5
Highwild AR500 Dueling Tree Target Kit - 6" x 3/8" Steel Paddle
  • ▶ Dimensions: 61" X 32" X 32". Great for interactive training and competition.
  • ▶ Six Reactive Paddles are all made of 3/8" AR500 steel and laser-cut from the highest quality AR500 steel plate in our own facility.
  • ▶ 3/8" AR500 steel targets are great for most pistol and rifle calibers, including 9mm, 45ACP, .223, 30-06 & 308 as well as most other high powered rifle calibers. Handguns should be used no closer than 10 yards and rifles 100 yards.
  • ▶ AUTO RESET - The Forward Leaning Steel Post can automatically reset reactive steel targets by gravity and doesn't rely on springs or mechanisms.
  • ▶ Four wide legs of base for more stability, each leg comes pre-drilled with hole for fixed to ground by a ground nail.(GROUND NAIL NOT INCLUDED)
SaleRank No. 6
Birchwood Casey USA World of Targets .22 Rimfire Dueling Tree Stand Yellow
  • Nils master hal35-gray gear will/gr/why/perch
  • Targets .22 rimfire yellow Dueling
  • Model: 47421 # 47421
  • Country of Origin:United States
Rank No. 7
TITAN GREAT OUTDOORS Dueling Tree Targets Set of 6 AR500 Steel Plates Shooting
  • Lasts for years | AR500 steel deflects rounds and resists pitting. Rated for all handguns except magnum cartridges.
  • Set includes (6) 6" diameter round steel target with post. 22mm post diameter fits 1" ID tubes.
  • Weight: 24 lb total | 4 lb each Diameters: 6"
  • Steel: AR500 steel Material Thickness: 3/8" (10mm)
Rank No. 8
Deschutes Metal Works Rimfire Dueling Tree Six Paddle AR-500 Target Set
  • (3.75" INCH PADDLES) (1/4” AR500 STEEL)
Rank No. 9
Highwild 6" x 3/8" AR500 Dueling Tree Paddle Steel Target Set - for Use with 2X4 Board - 2 Pack
  • ▶ 6 Inch Dueling Tree Paddle Set - You don't need a heavy angle iron, just a 2x4 board (actual 1.5"x3.5") to help you build a dueling tree.
  • ▶ Patented tilt angle device makes target swing more smoothly.
  • ▶ Support using several units together for building larger dueling trees.
  • ▶ Target paddles are all made of 3/8" AR500 steel and laser-cut from the highest quality AR500 steel plate in our own facility.
Rank No. 10
Deschutes Metal Works Pistol/Handgun Dueling Tree Six Paddle AR-500 Target Set
  • SIX (5.5" INCH PADDLES) (3/8” AR500 STEEL)

How to Pick the Best Dueling Tree Target: Our Buying Guide & Tips

Are you facing difficulties with choosing the top dueling tree target? We understand how hard it can be to overcome doubts and prepared this dueling tree target buying guide to make the whole thing less stressful and time-taking.

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We did our best to predict all your possible questions using our AI-powered analytical systems and research. Although we provide comprehensive product info and current dueling tree target ratings, you should be able to evaluate items on your own. We bet that some or all of these questions are already on your mind:

  • Do I really need a dueling tree target?
  • What should I look for in a dueling tree target?
  • Who makes the best dueling tree target?
  • Are the best rated dueling tree target options worth the money?
  • How long does the warranty have to be?
  • How to know If I can trust a manufacturer?

Read & compare dueling tree target reviews

Obviously, you can have far more questions about dueling tree target than that. No one can guess them all, but what we can do is provide you with all the necessary knowledge that will allow you to do additional research to figure out every single aspect.

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You can use many resources to get the needed information: dueling tree target buying guides, websites that aggregate customer reviews, spoken testimonials, official technical details, forums, etc. In-depth research is critical if you want to purchase the best dueling tree target for your budget.

On our website, you can already obtain a comprehensive buying guide with authentic and up-to-date information about dueling tree target. We apply proprietary AI technology and big data analysis. This allowed us to create the most comprehensive guidelines and rate each dueling tree target on the listing based on multiple metrics.

That’s not all we do before publishing the listings of quality dueling tree target, though. We should also disclose how we test each dueling tree target. After we assess customer rating and other metrics, we purchase each product so that our experts can test them in real-life conditions. That’s the only way to get the full picture.

How We Rate Each Dueling Tree Target

During dueling tree target testing, our experts thoroughly record all the product information they can without seeing the web research results. This lets them report unbiased observations. If you don’t have enough time to do all the needed research, you are welcome to get help from us.

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All the reviews are based on real tests and dueling tree target comparison, so we can vouch for all the dueling tree target brands we mention.

Every review is focused on the following product aspects:

  1. Customer reviews and ratings — we always consider the positive and negative experience of real users;
  2. Brand value – dueling tree target brands usually compete by offering unique features, but they’re not always worth your attention. We figure it out for you;
  3. Features – what specs matter for a dueling tree target;
  4. Item quality – even the most popular dueling tree target manufacturers don’t always give what you pay for but can also provide higher value than you expect. We always look for the second;
  5. Item reliability – this represents real dueling tree target durability and lifespan;
  6. Price – sometimes it’s the most important aspect when you really need a dueling tree target, but your budget is limited. Fortunately, good items occur in both affordable and premium segments;
  7. Pros and cons – we don’t hide the objective drawbacks of any dueling tree target, even if they matter only to a small part of potential owners.

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After posting dueling tree target reviews, we stay on top of manufacturer news and update or even fully rewrite the reviews and guides if needed.

We work to let you obtain all the dueling tree target benefits, so you are welcome to contact us here if you notice something irrelevant or misleading. We appreciate your support and value your time. You can also read about us for more information on our approach and vision.

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