Best Dlp Tv in 2022 [*Detailed Reviews*]

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Looking for the best dlp tv available? We’ve got you covered. Check out the ratings of absolute bestsellers below and make a final decision.

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Bestseller No. 1
for 915b403001 Mitsubishi Replacement lamp WD-60735 WD-60737 WD-73737 WD-73C9 WD-65C9 WD-65735 WD-73735 DLP TV Replacemet Lamp by Molgoc
  • Molgoc Professional solutions is an MA132-150W replacement that provides the better picture quality, brightness, and lifespan.
  • with a more compatible housing,minimize installation time to make sure your device is back in action quick!
  • Compatible with the following Television Models: WD-60735 WD-60737 WD-73737 WD-73C9 WD-65C9 WD-65735 WD-73735 WD-60C9 WD-82837 WD-65736 WD-73736WD-65837 WD-82737 WD-73835 WD-65C8 WD-73837 WD-73C8 WD-56737 DLP TV LAMP
  • Installation and Security: You will find it is quite easy to install it into your TV as the ways you are taking out your old lamp. Be aware of the connector make sure it connected well. It is not electric, shut down your TV when you install it.
  • Quality assured, Professional lamps with housing come with a 30 day refund warranty or a 180 day replacement warranty, Refundable issue,please contacts our 24 hours/7 days customer service. It is our appreciations if you need any further assistance.
Bestseller No. 2
Original Manufacturer Mitsubishi DLP TV Bulbs:915B455011-PVIP
  • Compatible with WD-73640WD-73740WD-73840WD-73C11WD-73CA1WD-82740WD-82840WD-82CB1WD-92840WD-92742WD-82742WD-73C12WD-73642WD-73842WD-82C12WD-82642WD-82842WD-92842WD-92A12WD-73742
  • 180 day warranty and a 30 day refund warranty.
  • Long lasting bright premium quality original manufacturer bulb ensures 100% satisfaction.
  • Original lamps have an average expected life of 6,000 hours.
  • The same as your original. The housing units are made from durable and high-quality Plastic guaranteed to fit properly.
Bestseller No. 3
DLP DMD Chip 1910-6143W 1910-6145W 4719-001997 1910-6103W for Mitsubishi Samsung Toshiba TV
  • OEM Original DMD Chip
  • Part Number:1910W
  • Fit for DLP TV
  • Coming with 120 days Warranty only from Goolamp
Bestseller No. 4
for Mitsubishi 915B441001 WD-82838,WD-65738,WD-82738,WD-60738,WD-60638,WD-65838,WD-73638 DLP TV Replacement Lamp by Molgoc
  • Molgoc Professional solutions is an MA132W replacement that provides the best picture quality, brightness, and lifespan.
  • with premium housing,minimize installation time to make sure your device is back in action quick!
  • Compatible with the following Television Models: WD-82838,WD-65738,WD-82738,WD-60738,WD-60638,WD-65838,WD-73638 DLP TV LAMP.
  • Installation and Security: You will find it is quite easy to install it into your TV as the ways you are taking out your old lamp. Be aware of the connector make sure it connected well. It is not electric, shut down your TV when you install it.
  • Before installing a new lamp, please carefully check the lamp interface on the rear-projection TV. If the lamp interface of the rear-projection TV is dark or dusty, please use tools or cleaners. Clean the connector before installing a new lamp. Make sure that the new lamp is installed in the correct position and cover the lamp before plugging in the TV.
Bestseller No. 5
Mitsubishi 915B403001 / 915B403A01 Lamp Enclosure OEM Philips Bulb for Rear Projection DLP TV
  • Rear projection TV Accessories
  • High Quality Replacement Bulb with housing
  • We recommend the OEM Solutions for the best picture quality, brightness, and lifespan.
  • For Optimal Brightness and Lifespan - choose the OEM Replacement Lamp. Restores 100% Brightness and Lasts Longer!
  • Compatible Models: WD-60735, WD-60737, WD-60C8, WD-60C9, WD-65735, WD-65736, WD-65737, WD-65835, WD-65837, WD-65C8, WD-65C9, WD-73735, WD-73736, WD-73737, WD-73835, WD-73837, WD-73C8, WD-73C9, WD-82737, WD-82837
Bestseller No. 6
Philips Mitsubishi 915B403001 DLP Replacement Lamp with Housing
  • Lamp Wattage 150-180W.
  • This is the Original Lamp made by Philips.
SaleBestseller No. 7
Replacement Lamp for Samsung HLS6187WX/XAA DLP Assembly with Original Bulb Inside
  • Ceybo - Your #1 choice on Amazon!
  • Works inside these projectors: HLS4265W / HLS4266W / HLS4266WX / HLS4666W / HLS4666WX / HLS4666WXXAA / HLS5055W / HLS5065W / HLS5065WX / HLS5065WX/XAA / HLS5066W / HLS5066WX / HLS5086W / HLS5086WX / HLS5086WX/XAA / HLS5087W / HLS5087WX / HLS5087WX/XAA / HLS5088W / HLS5088WX / HLS5088WX/XAA / HLS5665W / HLS5666W / HLS5666WXXAC / HLS5686C / HLS5686CX/XAA / HLS5686W / HLS5686WX / HLS5686WX/XAA / HLS5687W / HLS5687WX / HLS5687WXXAA / HLS5688W / HLS5688WX
  • Original Replacement Lamp with Compatible / Generic Housing
  • This lamps comes with 180 days for replacement lamp
  • his high quality replacement lamp for Samsung HLS6187WX/XAA will provide bright and high quality image that will last the test of time
Bestseller No. 8
BORYLI 915b403001 for Mitsubishi Replacement Lamp with Housing DLP TV Bulb (180w WD-60735 WD-60737 WD-73C9 WD-65737 WD-65735 WD-73837
  • Brand new high quality replacement bulb,Brighter & sharper picture
  • 30 day money back guarantee,120 day replacement warranty
  • Compatible TV models:WD-60735,WD-60737,WD-60C8,WD-60C9,WD-82737,WD-82837,WD-56737,WD-65735,WD-65736,WD-65737
  • WD-65835,WD-65837,WD-65C8,WD-65C9,WD-73735,WD-73736,WD-73835,WD-73C8,WD-73C9,WD-73737,WD-73837
  • SOLD BY:Boryli.If you have any question about this economic prodcuct,welcome to ask us.
Bestseller No. 9
Tawelun 915B403001 915B403A01 Mitsubishi Projection Replacement Lamp DLP Bulb with Housing for TVs
  • Tawelun 915B403001 915B403A01 100% new replacement lamp DLP Bulb, perfectly compatible with and matching TV.
  • Life time : 2000-3000H & Lamp power: P-VIP 150/180W E22.
  • With Housing, simple and fast installation, output high-definition pictures.
  • Compatible TV models: WD-60735,WD-60737,WD-60C8,WD-60C9,WD-82737,WD-82837,WD-56737,WD-65735,WD-65736,WD-65737,WD-65835,WD-65837,WD-65C8,WD-65C9,WD-73735,WD-73736,WD-73835,WD-73C8,WD-73C9,WD-73737,WD-73837.
  • 120-day replacement warranty.  And fast shipping.
Bestseller No. 10
New Mitsubishi/Toshiba 4719-001997 DLP Chip 1910-6143W
  • New DLP Chip
  • Works in a variety of TV models, see description for complete list
  • 1910-6143W 1910-6145W 1910-6103W 1910-6106W
  • Important: When replacing your DLP chip in a Toshiba TV, you must replace the DMD/Formatter board at the same time.
  • Important: When replacing your DLP chip in a Toshiba TV, you must replace the DMD/Formatter board at the same time.

Choosing the Best Dlp Tv: Tips Buying Guide

Laying your hands on the best dlp tv comes with ebbs and flows. It’s natural, for finding a quality dlp tv (just like any other product) suggests browsing through tons of item specifications, customer reviews, price variations, warranty details, and dlp tv ratings.

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If you’re still on the fence about what dlp tv to buy, this dlp tv buying guide might be right up your street. Here, we let you in on how we compile our best-rated dlp tv roundups and reveal the criteria we take into account.

Now, when shopping for the top dlp tv, some of the following questions probably linger through your mind:

  • How much money am I ready to spend on it?
  • What should I look for in a dlp tv to stick with the best one?
  • Who makes the best dlp tv?
  • What are the pros and cons of the specific product that has caught my eye?
  • What are the warranty details?
  • Do I trust this particular manufacturer/seller?

No doubt, your questions about the product you’re interested in don’t end there. And that’s nothing but good. If you have extra time for researching under your own steam, then make the most of it.

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If you don’t, then you can always trust our reviews. Read on for more info on how to succeed in investigating the product you like, without any extra assistance.

Read Dlp Tv Reviews Conduct Your Own Analysis

If you’re a responsible buyer and you don’t like wasting your money on worthless stuff, you tend to invest your time and effort in conducting your own research on the product you’re interested in prior to making a purchase.

You research customer testimonials, Google product information, evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of the item(s) you fancy, while taking their more affordable alternatives into consideration.

When learning as much as you can about the product you want to buy, you will want to focus on the most reliable sources of information. Here are a few tips on getting the most trusted details about the item(s) you’re currently shopping for:

  • read a lot of reviews;
  • compare dlp tv reviews;
  • analyze those reviews and bear in mind that some of them might not be as independent (read as trustworthy) as they sound;
  • watch video reviews featuring the product you’re focused on purchasing, see it in action, do your best to make your
  • own conclusions whenever possible.

How We Rate Each Dlp Tv

Now, if you have no time (or lack in-depth expert knowledge) for researching all the technical details and customer rating info about the item(s) you’re looking to buy, feel free to turn to our assistance. We analyze each product based on multiple expert criteria prior to sharing our experience-backed opinion on it.

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So, when preparing our reviews, we focus on the following major factors:

  • dlp tv brand’s reliability and reputation;
  • the features and specs of a product;
  • overall product quality and durability;
  • the product’s benefits and drawbacks;
  • other customer reviews and ratings;
  • video reviews and maintenance specifics.

You can always trust our product reviews, as we only publish them after profound and extensive testing sessions. We aim to be as objective as possible, for we appreciate our reputation and want to be the best in our field, helping our readers make the right choice.

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When it comes to testing and reviewing a variety of products, our algorithms are analyzing thousands of customer reviews each second to find real bestsellers and the highest quality products.

We update our reviews on a regular basis, for we want you to get the most comprehensive and current details out there.

All in all, how we test each dlp tv and work up our dlp tv comparison analyses is always about honesty, integrity, independence, and maximum objectivity.

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions regarding our reviews, you’re welcome to contact us with them ASAP. We value your feedback greatly.

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